CORSA CS Portable Foam Sprayer

CORSA CS Portable Foam Sprayer

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CORSA CS Portable Foam Sprayer is specially designed to work with the CORSA CS Rinseless Snow Foam solution, allowing foam to be generated without the need for a hose or pressure washer.

Simply pour the Snow Foam solution into the Portable Foam Sprayer and add 500ml of distilled water to dilute the concentrated solution. Instantly generate foam to lift and loosen dirt and grime from your paintwork. Wipe off gently using a CORSA CS Super Soft Microfibre towel, also available in our store.

This solution is perfect for those who live in water restricted areas, have limited access to car wash facilities or limited storage. Also great for those who are always on the go and require a quick and easy mobile solution.

The foam sprayer has a 1.5L total capacity and is made of highly durable material. Includes depressurising button on side for easy access.